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BIG3 Basketball League Encourages CBD Use for Recovery, Adds Mental Health Support

Ice Cube's BIG3 Basketball league recently shared its fourth season changes, highlighting the encouragement of players using CBD for recovery as well as mental health policies among other exciting changes like FIREBALL3.

BIG3 Makes Fourth Season Changes; Mental Health Policies, CBD Use, Age Requirements & Fireball3

The launch of the BIG3 basketball league is changing the world of sports, thanks to the efforts of celebrity artist, actor and musician Ice Cube and his entertainment executive partner Jeff Kwantinetz in 2017.

As the fourth season approaches, the ground-breaking policy changes will create a whole new level for the sport, focusing on supporting players in their individuality via mental health endeavors and using CBD for pain relief management and recovery.

Here's a quick summary showcasing what the new announcements will be for the 3-on-3 league:

  • The new policies for the upcoming season includes the active encouragement of using CBD during the season as an effective pain relief tool for the basketball players.
  • Mental health support is extended to the athletes, staff, and coaches.
  • A host of changes include; lowering age limit, welcoming all athletes, bring the fire team challenges, entertainment festivals and of course the big upgrade – FIREBALL3.

CBD Becomes BIG Part of the BIG3 Basketball World

The BIG3 basketball league was originally created between Ice Cube and Jeff Kwantinetz over two years ago. When it was first formed in 2017, a statement on the official website explained that BIG3 is working to “professionalize traditional 3-on-3 basketball and made innovative changes purely motivated by a desire to elevate the game.”

Now, the organization is preparing for the fourth season ahead of it with some rebranding changes. Here is a sizzling video teaser narrated by BIG3's Ice Cube that sums up the excitement:

At this point, the league has already done everything it set out to do in that statement, and they’ve secured a solid following of loyal fans in the process. Ice Cube stated,

“There are a lot of sports out there that require similar skill sets, like MMA and boxing, football and rugby, baseball and cricket. Our fans let us know that we were playing something extremely unique, FIREBALL3, which is nothing like the typical 3-on-3 FIBA game coming to the Olympics.”

With the new policies, BIG3 is prioritizing the empowerment of their players, allowing them to show who they truly are on the court and in the public spotlight. To support this, states that the players, coaches, and staff will have a policy implemented to prioritize mental health and to allow CBD oil-infused products to be used in the recovery process.

For those who missed it, back in April 2019, a nationally-recognized CBD company, cbdMD (who created the National CBD Month and Day), officially became partners with the BIG3 professional Basketball League and was featured on all twelve team's jersey.

Back when the news first surfaced that BIG3 and cbdMD would be partnering, the CBD company's Chief Marketing Officer Ken Cohn stated:

“Today is a monumental day for cbdMD, as we continue to add to our list of firsts within the CBD category,” […] “Our BIG3 partnership will deliver a massive level of cbdMD brand exposure throughout the summer on CBS and CBS Sports Network, and allow us to reach a large, strategic demographic of consumers. As we continue to witness an increase in interest regarding CBD among both athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, we see the BIG3 as a dynamic, strategic partner for cbdMD and a pathway to engage those who could greatly benefit from CBD.”

Even the BIG3 co-founder and co-CEO, Mr. Kwatinetz, shared his enthusiasm about a CBD company linking up with the BIG3 basketball brand:

“Last year, BIG3 became the first professional sports league in the U.S to allow players to use CBD for pain treatment and recovery,” […] “We did this out of compassion for our guys because CBD can help them without enhancing their performance or having an intoxicating effect. It's a win win.”

He even commented about professional athletes and BIG3 players using CBD as a pain relief management option when telling ESPN:

“The BIG3 is uniquely positioned in professional sports as a player-powered league that looks at our players as partners not property,” […] “As a testament to our relationship with our players, we listened to their feedback on CBD, as well as feedback from professionals in the regulatory and CBD industry, and decided to take this major step to support their health.”

cbdMD, who is owned by Level Brands, offers a wide range of natural, THC-free, hemp-derived CBD oil products that come in multiple types and methods of administration such as oil tinctures, capsules, gummies, pet products, bath bombs, topicals, and vape oils.

New Big3 Pro Basketball League Changes for the 2020 Season

There will be other changes outside of the treatment of players, including age qualifiers (formerly age 27, but is now age 22) and allowing a four-point shot to be done 30 feet from the rim. With these changes, anyone is able to place in the game, even without professional experience in the game. Ice Cube told ESPN in regards to lowering the age limit requirements:

“I think lowering the age does erase the stigma [of this being a retirement league],” […] “It might've kept people from playing in the BIG3 because they don't want to seem like they're done.” […] “So we want to get rid of all the stigmas that the league had and when we first started the league. We vowed not to be rigid and to evolve with what the league is doing and what it needs to be, so this allows us to make the right moves at the right time and still keep the integrity of what basketball is.”

There will also be a new red ball, which is being used for gameplay involving the FIREBALL3. While ex-NBA players fill the top spots on most BIG3 basketball team rosters (like Joe Johnson, Amar'e Stoudemire, Gilbert Arenas, Josh Smith, Mike Bibby, Stephen Jackson, Nate Robinson, Rashard Lewis and Glen “Big Baby” Davis), the ‘All Athletes Welcome' shift looks to attract anyone who thinks they can ball. The BIG3's creator went on to add:

“We might get NFL players; you never know. Whoever thinks they can ball,” […] “[Musicians] Chris Brown, J. Cole may try out. You never know. Whoever feels like they can ball on this level, it'll be good to see and look.” […] “This is not a publicity stunt. It's not a charity thing. It's if you're good enough, and the coaches, player-captains, co-captains are the one that will be the judge if someone can get to the combine, so you're going to have to show what you can do.”

Here is a quick rundown of all the new enhancements coming to the BIG3 basketball league:

  • Festivals every Saturday
  • All Athletes Welcome
  • Bring The Fire
  • Single Foul Shots
  • 14-Second Shot Clock
  • 4-Point Shot
  • Coaching Challenges
  • Player Empowerment
  • League Mental Health Policy
  • CBD

Ice Cube has been consistent in differentiating BIG3 from other sports and games, making it in innovative option for players. He explained,

“We've needed the freedom to keep innovating without potential new fans thinking it was typical 3-on-3. Plus, we didn’t want our deep love and respect for the NBA to be misinterpreted by our use of different rules. We could never compete with the NBA any more than we could compete with the NFL or FIFA. We are the BIG3, our own unique thing. But that doesn’t mean FIREBALL3 can’t coexist with these sports and still be many fans’ favorite sport.”

As the fourth season begins this summer, Ice Cube is holding on for a much bigger plan – making FIREBALL3 into a sport worthy of Olympic inclusion. Check out the full press release from BIG3 here. As for CBD being boasted as a natural pain relief management and recovery for the BIG3 basketball players, it should come as no surprise in 2020 as it is already the best-selling natural herbal extract in the world. The partnership between BIG3 and cbdMD is only going to raise the awareness and notoriety of hemp-derived cannabidiol as professional athletes (and now leagues) continue to support the use of CBD.

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