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Vapolution 3 – Product Review

The Vapolution 3 (“Vap3”), from Vapolution Vaporizers, is the only 100% glass-on-glass air path desktop vaporizer on the market.


Look and Feel

There’s nothing special about the look of this vaporizer. It’s not very sleek and could definitely use some refinement.

Portability – low

Being a desktop vaporizer, it requires a power source—either an electrical outlet or a 12v car adapter.

Heating Element

The removable glass chamber on the inside heats up perfectly to the desired temperature, and in turn vaporizes the material placed inside without burning it. (Be careful with this glass chamber, as it is very fragile; Vapolution includes an extra just in case it breaks)

Power Source

The Vapolution must be plugged into an electrical source to work. Once plugged in, the Vap3 can be tuned to desired temperature and then used.


The maximum amount of herb I could fit inside my Vapolution is around half a gram (0.5g), and the herb does not have to be ground-up. I recently discovered that it can also successfully vaporize concentrates when mixed in the middle of some dry herb.


Vapor Quality

Since glass preserves flavors, the glass air path allows all the flavors to come through in the vapor. With its glass air path and the wide range of temperature options (my personal favorite is 380 F), the Vapolution 3 makes it very easy for me to inhale smooth, comfortable, consistent vapor.


In my tests, the Vap3 evenly vaporizes the material, just as long as you don’t leave the herb inside the heating chamber to burn up when you’re not inhaling it. To start, I insert the glass downstem with my material inside the heating chamber and let it heat up for around 10 seconds. With around 0.3-0.5g inside, I get at least 5-8 good long draws before the material starts to taste like burnt popcorn. Keep in mind that you should remove the downstem between draws to prevent your material from burning up.

Ease of Use

I could definitely see how this vaporizer might seem a little confusing to a first timer, but in my experience the manual in the box did a great job at explaining all the parts. All you have to do is turn on the device, set it to your desired temperature, load your material into the downstem, place the downstem in the heating chamber, wait around 10 seconds, and inhale.


Desktop vaporizers are not discreet. I would only recommend them for use at home, where you can plug them in and rest them on a table.

The Wrap Up

In my testing,  the Vapolution 3 delivered a smooth, comfortable, and consistent vapor almost every time I put it to use. The only time there seemed to be an issue was if I left my herb inside the heating chamber too long without inhaling. The Vap3 is very simple to use after the first couple of times and is extremely efficient with my material. Overall, this vaporizer is well suited for both the novice cannabis user and seasoned veteran.



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