Fat Flusher Diet: African Fat Flusher Weight Loss Supplement [Review]

Fat Flusher Diet by Sharon Johnson features the African Fat Flusher Formula supplement that targets fat cells, suppresses appetite and boosts energy using an exotic grape stem extract.

The Fat Flusher Diet requires an extensive review of all of its multi-faceted weight loss system components of moving pieces due to its popularity. From the African Fat Flusher supplement to Sharon Johnson, the woman behind the herbal weight loss blend presentation, to the exotic african herbal grape stem extract; Fat Flusher Diet props up itself as a ‘flush away belly fat overnight' program for getting a smaller belly in the morning.

Formulated by Sharon's research team, the Fat Flusher Diet is a weight loss program that Sharon reveals why taking 1 African Fat Flusher capsule per day will accelerate the fat burning process without making any significant changes to an exercise program or followed diet. This is due to combining a 10-second pre-breakfast tip to be used in conjunction with the product and isn't an expensive procedure or weird trick.

When HealthMJ is not breaking CBD news or reviewing the greater cannabis industry, we stray into the broader world of health and try to keep a pulse on what is moving and shaking. Fat Flusher Diet is one of the most popular weight loss programs in 2020 and the trending demand for the African Fat Flusher supplement piqued our interest as to what this unique African-shaman influenced formulation contains. The following Fat Flusher Diet review will research the ins and outs of the African Fat Flusher supplement, the pros and cons of the weight loss system and outline exactly who Sharon Johnsn is and what the exotic grape stem extract is about.

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What is the Fat Flusher Diet?

The best way to learn about what the Fat Flusher Diet offers consumers is to watch the entire presentation about how Sharon Johnson's African Fat Flusher supplement came to be by listening in on a compelling story about a women (Sharon) and how an African shaman was able to help her lose over 90 pounds of toxic belly fat using a rare grape stem extract.

The long-winded yet entertaining video leads viewers down a path of explaining how the Fat Flusher Diet emerged and the African Fat Flusher weight loss supplement got formulated based on an African herbal extract that targets the body's fat cells and directly influences the natural production of the leptin hormone. This herbal-based hormonal optimization of leptin is ideal because it is largely associated with suppressing appetite, controlling hunger and food cravings.

Leptin imbalances in the body have been shown to cause individuals to succumb to overeating and caving into junk food cravings which are full of sugars or processed foods and lead to a multitude of health problems. Aside from the Fat Flusher Formula's ability to help with leptin resistance and regulate hormonal-related hunger issues, science has noted that obese to borderline overweight people do have over 300% more leptin in their blood than those of normal weight and height. Unfortunately, this studied caveat has been exploited by supplement makers and product formulators who target leptin and weight loss, but fail to properly understand how to maximize the effectiveness of herbal ingredients with a 10-second pre-breakfast breakthrough tip according to the Fat Flusher Diet video.

Now that we have a baseline of what Fat Flusher Diet is and what the African Fat Flusher product is supposed to support, let's dive into the currently known facts about the program's method of action, the supplement's method of optimization and the company's method of delivery.

What Does the Fat Flusher Diet Do?


The Fat Flusher Diet features the African Fat Flusher supplement is a way to use the grape stem extract-based formula as a way to optimize leptin levels in the body. According to the African Fat Flusher Formula creator, the doctor-approved, shaman-designed African fat flushing secret is known in ancient cultures for its belly-flattening effects and “ability to rewind time on your joints, blood pressure, brain and even pancreas.”

Once start watching the Fat Flusher Diet here, one will quickly see this program is unlike any popularly trending supplement out there. From it having nothing directly to do with detoxification, immunity, teas, shakes, smoothies, exercise, fasting or keto, it is all a very new approach given the crowded, over-hyped weight loss supplementation industry.

Because the African Fat Flusher Diet supplement proclaims to reduce belly fat by targeting the leptin levels in the body that can suppress appetite and boost energy, user's can use a “simple test” to perform that will show whether or not this silent killer is causing metabolic malfunction for storing fat versus burning fat. If the belly fat is left unchecked for a few years, it can increase the risks of developing joint pain, cardiovascular disease and many other bodily ailments, seeing how it surrounds the 44 major vital organs in the body.

Using the Fat Flusher supplement every day, people may start to burn their belly fat without having to exercise or to follow a diet because of the hormonal imbalances slowly correcting themselves due to the grape stem extract benefits. They only need to take the Fat Flusher pill every day and obviously to not exaggerate with how much they’re eating, all while making sure they don’t have a very sedentary lifestyle.

As mentioned earlier, Flat Flusher is supposed to target leptin, which is commonly known as the hunger and weight loss hormone. Leptin tells the brain when the stomach is full, so if it happens to be imbalanced in the body, it sends the wrong neurological signals, causing overeating.


However, while Sharon doesn’t do the best job at explaining exactly how the African Fat Flusher works in the body, nor how it changes leptin levels or what all the accompanying ingredients are that it contains, there is a lot of bullet points mentioned directly in the video throughout its entire “true story-based” presentation.

The Fat Flusher Diet program is very good at honing in on the story behind the secret African fat flushing effects that has even impressed the local medical community, but it does not mention any ingredient by name. One can see from the visuals used it is likely to be the Jabuticaba tree, which is likely where the exotic grape stem extract originates from. This ingredient was discovered during a rafting trip on the African Zambezi River that is ‘5,532 miles away' from home, and also given away by an old shaman man who knew a lot about African herbal medicine.

Here are the exact words used on the Fat Flusher website:

“Most people who use the Fat Flusher Formula experience rapid weight loss in the first few weeks…The formula inside Fat Flusher silences inflammation while coaxing your body to burn fat”.

While the benefits are consistently tossed into the supplement's effects, the story's narrator Sharon mentions how the African Fat Flusher can even influence educing bad cholesterol and high blood pressure levels, easing pain and lowering the levels of sugar in the blood.

Get The Fat Flusher Diet + African Fat Flusher Supplement Today

What is the Secret African Fat Flusher Ingredient?

There is serious debate on what is the primary catalyst found in the Fat Flusher Diet program. While there is no supplement facts nutrition label available to see for the African Fat Flusher, many question whether or not African Mango is the secret grape stem ingredient?

african-doctorHowever, there is very little to go on so the rest of this section of the Fat Flusher Diet review is mainly speculative due to the limited amount of information currently available. Given the pictures found and the geographical location, it appears the Brazilian grapetree may be a leading candidate over the praised African mango extract. Sharon doesn’t happen mention any specific details about the ingredients in the Fat Flusher weight loss formula, nor does it say much about how leptin resistance effects work.

Some have argued and assumed that the African fat flushing formual's secret ingredient is the popular African mango extract due to the fact this compound has been proven in a few studies to target leptin. Whether it is the focused ingredient or added in on top of the Jabuticaba tree grape berry, the scientific name is known as Irvingia gabonensis. African mango can improve the leptin sensitivity and cause weight loss by decreasing the levels of the hormone, which in return leads to less hunger or food cravings. Another study says African mango has led to some reductions in waist circumference and weight.

While more research on African mango for weight loss needs to be performed, the effectiveness of this ingredient when it comes to shedding pounds has been proven in enough studies, not to mention it looks very promising. However, it can’t be exactly said that Fat Flusher contains African mango, as it’s not mentioned anywhere a thing about this ingredient in the African Fat Flusher Diet supplement. There is also limited information on the health benefits of Jabuticaba tree's grape stem extract on optimizing leptin levels and weight loss hormones.

Update*: Here is a nutritional label that reveals the Fat Flusher Diet's African Fat Flusher supplement facts:


As one can see, garcinia cambogia is one of the most popular weight loss ingredients ever promoted online in the past decade due to its hydroxycitric acid (HCA) content. Next up is the patented Synetrim CQ (Cissues Quadrangularis) stem and leaf extract (with 2.5% phytogenic ketosterones). Then are more commonly known ingredients such green tea, ginger and turmeric.

It is important to note that as it stands, HealthMJ is unsure whether or not this is the official African Fat Flusher Formula's supplement facts label. This will be updated once completely verified and authenticated to ensure its accuracy about the “crave ender” product.

What Does Fat Flusher Diet Promise?

Here's what the Fat Flusher weight loss supplement’s makers are claiming their product is:

  • 100% made from natural ingredients
  • formulated with a secret African fat flushing weight loss ingredient
  • safe to use, zero side effects
  • ideal for lowering blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, pain relief, leptin aid
  • specifically targets belly fat, controls cravings and helps support appetite regulation
  • optimal results achieved using the African Fat Flusher with a 10-second pre-breakfast tip

Upfront, it is important to know there are no studies on the effectiveness of the Fat Flusher diet or supplementation program. Therefore, there are no guarantees on what it promises or even suggests even though the Fat Flusher Formula mentions the fact that on-going studies are being conducted with impressive results yet to be openly shared yet.

Marketed everywhere online as the ultimate weight loss solution, the company selling the Fat Flusher supplement claims their product will allow anyone to lose excess belly fat, all while helping boost energy and manage eating habits. As mentioned, the Fat Flusher Diet presentation is led by Sharon Johnson who took on the advice of a well-known fitness coach and kinesiologist who has appeared multiple times in the news and media for his health and wellness advice whole promoting his weight loss systems, exercising programs and diets included.

African Fat Flusher Diet Supplement Price

The Fat Flusher Diet offers a few different packages depending on whether or not you want a 1, 3 or 6 month supply of African Fat Flusher supplement.

Here is the price breakdown for the cost of each Fat Flusher Diet package:

  • 1 bottle (30 day supply) = $59.00
  • 3 bottles (90 day supply) = $159.00
  • 6 bottles (180 day supply) = $259.00 (as low as $43 per month supply)

There is also an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee that Fat Flusher Diet ensures as well as the platform that the African Fat Flusher uses in Clickbank. Users who are not thrilled with the purchase of any number of African Fat Flusher supplements, no matter what the rhyme or reason, are eligible to return the product and receive a full refund anytime within two months after the order date. All Fat Flusher Diet orders will be shipped out immediately and received within three to five days according to the official website.

For users who visit the Fat Flusher Diet viewing, you will notice the suggested retail price of one bottle for a 1 month supply is $69, but there is a $10 coupon code for Fat Flusher Diet that will be automatically applied as a discount towards the African Fat Flusher supplements.

Final Words on the African Fat Flusher Diet

After watching and listening in to the lengthy Fat Flusher Diet story, it is apparent the African Fat Flusher supplement is ideal for men and women after the age of 40 years young. The presentation hammers home the notion that aging body's are more susceptible to stressors and the “silent killer”. But because of the pure extraction of this rare grape stem extract, the African Fat Flusher is said to be a very potent product for overcoming the leptin side effects that plague and stagnate the natural weight loss mechanisms in the body.

Unfortunately in light of no specific scientific evidence to reference or support the associated therapeutic effects of the Fat Flusher Diet protocol, consumers must take the same leap of faith as Sharon shared during the journey of formulating African Fat Flusher Formula. While no finished in-house or third-party studies have been completed yet, it may be hard to make a final decision on whether or not the African Fat Flusher supplement is right from you.

However, despite the acknowledgement that the African Fat Flusher Diet supplement is backed by health experts and PhDs in the field of medicine, as well as the African shaman; it seems the program is reliant upon using a 10-second daily ritual to do before breakfast for maximal results as there is no exercise or workout routine attached to the secret fat flusher.

By right now, you know whether or not the Fat Flusher Diet program is worthy of your time and attention. While the following African Fat Flusher supplement review will continually be updated as new research is made available, it is well worth the watch as it is risk-free and full of informative facts and figures about optimizing the body's health and well-being.

For more information on Sharon's African Fat Flusher Formula to end food cravings, lose weight and feel great, watch the Fat Flusher Diet presentation at FatFlusherDiet.com.

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