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New Cannabis Law Practice Approved by Los Angeles County Bar Association

According to a recent press release, the Los Angeles County Bar Association intends to create a cannabis section.

The press release indicates that the section is in response to the news of the state’s lawyers and those around the country. The practice section will focus on cannabis, which it notes is rapidly growing and has one of the largest legal markets in the world. Given the growing conditions of the industry, lawyers are becoming more involved in the development and growth of cannabis companies.

Nonetheless, the release also acknowledges that there are challenges, which is that marijuana is illegal on the federal levers. Ronald F. Brot, the President of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, stated in the release that the section’s creation meets a current need and “provides an important and necessary space” for the lawyers providing the industry with services.

As early as 2015, an article in the American Bar Association publications separately recognized cannabis as a new specialty bar. In Volume 4, No. 1, featuring an article title Emerging Field of Cannabis Law Sparks New Specialty Bar, it noted that attorneys who focus on the laws concerning marijuana and related businesses created the National Cannabis Bar Association. Amanda Conley, the bar treasurer, shared with the publication that the group focuses not on the criminal defense area, but on the business idea of the industry. The launch of the group attracted over 300 individuals.



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