10 things to do if you’re feeling too high

If you’re using cannabis to treat medical conditions, there’s a good chance you’re going to over-do it at least once.

Here’s our guide on how to turn a bad trip into a better one:

10 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Too High

By Samantha Eedn


  • Remember, You’re Not Going to Die

    By Kristin Ramsey

    It’s impossible to die from cannabis. According to the National Cancer Institute, this is because cannabinoid receptors aren’t located in the brainstem areas that control respiration.

  • Change Environments

    By Samantha Eedn

    Match your environment with your mood. Try moving into a brightly lit room to energize or a dimly lit room to relax.

  • Dose Yourself with CBD

    By Samantha Eedn

    Studies show that CBD can counteract anxiety brought on by THC. Smoke or vape high-CBD flower for fast results, or take a CBD tincture and relax while it sets in. Choose a product with a 23:1 ratio or higher of CBD:THC.

  • Practice Deep Breathing

    By Samantha Eedn

    Click play and follow this guided meditation to relax—close your eyes and listen or enjoy watching the gentle waves.

  • Change Your Temperature

    By Samantha Eedn

    If you’re warm, take a refreshing cold shower or cuddle an ice pack. If you’re cold, put a towel in the dryer and enjoy the sensation of the warmth when you pull it out.

  • Get a Hug

    By Samantha Eedn

    Turn a negative high into a positive one. When you embrace someone, oxytocin (known as the love or cuddle hormone) is released, making you feel warm and fuzzy and reducing your stress levels.

  • Nap it Off

    By Samantha Eedn

    Lay down somewhere comfortable and listen to a soothing soundscape to see if you can sleep. Cannabis can help you sleep deeper and allow you to breathe better.

  • Be Careful with Caffeine​

    By Samantha Eedn

    Unlike with alcohol, caffeine won’t help you sober up from cannabis. It has actually been shown to reinforce the effects of THC. Try a relaxing herbal tea instead.

  • Watch a Movie

    By Kristin Ramsey

    Zone into a visually engaging film like The Big Lebowski or Alice in Wonderland.

  • Watch Your Thoughts Float By

    By Samantha Eedn

    You may find that your mind is racing, but just let your thoughts come and go. Think of it as cloud watching — sit back and don’t try to analyze them.

What’s your favorite way to come own from a bad high? Comment below.


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